From a very young age all I wanted to do was perform.

Growing up, I vividly remember creating sketch comedy with my cousins and best friend when we spend the summers together, how fascinated I was with cartoon voices and stories.  That raw pleasure that you get from that very simple creative process has never left me.  The one thing that has changed is the tools that I use to nourish it.

Now this manifests itself as that very specific feeling that I get each time I get to do voice-over. That moment when for the first time, what has only ever existed on a script is brought to life with my voice.  From commercials to characters to even corporate projects, each voice still holds that same level of excitement as the first.

It is that moment that the skill of the audio-engineer, the guidance of the director and the power of the voice combine to give us a glimpse into the bringing this vision into reality.  It is also the results of that very combination of talents that get me really excited about what I do.

Voice Over can be very lonely, spending hours in the booth, yet simultaneously very collaborative as well.

The ‘What’ and the ‘How’ are very necessary parts of the business, but it is the ‘Why’ that keeps me doing what I do.


Client: Maersk

A national TV and Internet commercial

Vintage Mic


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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"

Walt Disney



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