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Source Connect directed session with Client in Denmark & Production House overseas for a 2 year - National TV Commercial & Internet Ad.  Client was in need of a quick turn-around and responsiveness as they were on a tight timeline and requested a British Accent with a touch of London innit?!

 Leadership U

In collaboration with the Production House the sessions were recorded while getting live-direction over Zoom. Client was looking for the voice-over to emote a desired feeling through story-telling and this is the result.


This project was one of my favourites as it required a fairly significant Dutch accent for authenticity of brand while appealing to the International market. Dutch Accent - Inspirational & Confident


This is a brand that is growing at an incredible rate.  Client was thorough  and was looking for both a specific sound and tonality. Pleasure to work with professionals and glad I could be the voice for Visme's mascot. British Accent - Friendly & Welcoming


Worked with a talented team on this one which barely made it seem like work. This worldwide Internet radio ad focused on the luxuries one can expect as table stakes when flying with Emirates. Excited and Happy.

How the Cheetah got its stripes

Facepaint and Folktales

“Mabel Moon presents Facepaint and Folktales” is a series of 2 to 3 minute interstitials designed to act as an entertaining and educational break for children between programming. This project received an Honorable Mention for Best Children Short at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

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