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From a very young age Rezi discovered a passion in voices and growing a moustache.  Interestingly enough both these passions were pursued later in life during what Rezi calls his “second act”.

Growing up in 5 countries across 3 continents Rezi had, from a very young age, a deep creative side and interest in performing arts.  “I loved anything that had a performance factor to it” he says. From dancing in front of his whole elementary and high school on numerous occasions, sketch comedy, imitation and making voices he felt a way that left him wanting to do more.  “This was one way I got to hang out with the cool kids” he jokes.

“When I moved to Canada I went the traditional immigrant route by going to university and getting a respectable job especially since my parents had sacrificed so much to leave our country for a better future for their kids.  Since I did not see myself behind a corporate desk for long I landed into an entrepreneurial venture with my wife’s family.”  Rezi started at the ground level doing whatever needing to get done and built himself up to the Director of Business Development dealing with C-level execs in the most prestigious hospitality properties across North America.  “That experience was amazing and with the help of my mentor became the professional I am today.  But when we sold the business in 2018 my process of transitioning out of the business started and in 2019 I officially left what used to be the family business and delved into a new adventure.  Now in my second act and with an amazing and international experience behind me I am revisiting my original passion and am using what I have gained in all my years into my performance.”  This performance has landed Rezi some incredible International partnerships like Emirates Airlines and Maersk to name a few.  “I just love dropping names like it’s no big deal while I scream like a Shawn Mendes loving school girl on the inside” he blushes. That raw pleasure that you get from that very simple creative process has never left him.  The one thing that has changed is the tools that he uses to nourish it.

Now, as a father of 2 and a husband, he considers himself blessed for being able to blend his passions with his work.

The ‘What’ and the ‘How’ are very necessary parts of the business, but more than ever it is the ‘Why’ that keeps Rezi doing what he does.


Comforting, Relatable, Genuine & Humorous/Witty


- Accents

- Commercials

- Animation

- Narration

- Video Games